ShowTime Central Addon Package: Transmitter/N4-G4-Director

SKU: STC-AddonN4

An enclosed FM Transmitter and N4-G4-MP3 Director addon (4 Networks) for any Light-O-Rama display


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Package Includes:

  • Light-O-Rama N4-G4-MP3 Director with MP3 Player (4 Networks)
    • This director can be used to control RGBPlus sequences without software or sequence modification.
  • FM transmitter ( 150' range )
  • 50' BLACK Cat5 Cable
  • 12V Wall Transformer


  • Blank SD Card
  • USB SD card reader/writer

Existing Light-O-Rama hardware and a software license is required in order to use this package. The Showtime Central Addon Package does not include a software license or light controllers.

This addon system should be connected to your existing hardware network using a Cat5 cable and will receive its power from the nearest connected Light-O-Rama light controller. No need for a PC to run your show with the ShowTime Central.

If you're not interested in creating your own sequences, add one of our Showtime Central SD cards playlists to your cart along with this package and you'll have a ready-to-play light show when your package arrives; just insert the SD card into your Director after installing your lights and connecting them to your controller/s. If you want a different playlist than those offered on our cards, visit our sequence store and choose individual sequences to download so you can customize a playlist and write it to a card yourself using the SD card builder feature of our software.

A Showtime N4-G4-MP3 Director (4 Network) is included with this package. Learn more about using this Director with RGBPlus sequences by clicking here.