Mini Director with MP3 Player - Gen4

SKU: uMP3g4

A Showtime Director with one network that allows you to run shows without a PC. The Mini Director does not have an internal clock and must be connected an an external timer to set a schedule.


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The ShowTime miniDirector can support one highspeed 500Kbps network for big displays containing large numbers of smart pixels (but can still run displays of all traditional lights) while simultaneously playing MP3 files. SD cards up to 8GB are supported. Just attach a Cat5 line to your first controller in the network and speakers to the audio jack on the Director.

This is our smallest director unit.  It does not have an internal clock for scheduling shows so an external timer is required if you want to start your show at a specific time. It can be triggered by external switches and/or motion detectors.  If you plan to use an external timer and have multiple controllers in your display, or have a display that only contains singing faces and our Pixie2 controllers, you will need a 12V Wall Power Adapter.

Includes a 32Gb SD card. A SD card writer is required to move the show from your PC to the SD card. If you do not already have one, you should add the SD Card Reader/Writer option to your purchase.

Dimensions: 2.5″w x 3.75″h x 1″d.