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RS485 Network Repeater

Item# RS485REP
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The Light O Rama Repeater makes it possible to support an extremely large network of controllers. Or, a network that is not simply a wire running from one controller to the next in a daisy chain. Or, a combination of these. The status LED indicates power (flashing) and connection to a PC or director (solid.)

Can extend a Light O Rama network beyond the 4000 maximum permitted by the RS485 electrical protocol
Allows complex Light O Rama network topologies in addition to the recommended daisy-chain
Powered by nearby Light O Rama controllers over the network cable so no separate power supply is needed
Small enough to fit inside a controller box for outdoor applications Bi-directional to support interactive inputs on controllers
No configuration required simply plug in the Light O Rama network cables
Has one RJ45 jack on the front and two RJ45 jacks on the back to allow the network to Y

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