N2-G4-MP3 Director


A Showtime Director with two networks that allows to run your shows without a PC. This director should be placed in a weather proof enclosure if placed outside. (Most people place this Director indoors, such as in a garage).

Please see the 'Description' tab for information about powering this unit.


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The N2-G4-MP3 Director is a compact, powerful Light-O-Rama Show Director with a MP3 Player that is designed to take the place of your PC for a show at Christmas, Halloween, or any other event.

To use this Director with RGBPlus sequences, you must have firmware version 6.11 or higher installed.

The unit is simple to operate. Just insert a SD memory card and connect the director to the first controller in your network with a Cat5 line (instead of connecting that controller to a USB485 adapter then your PC). 

This director controls one or two high speed networks of Light-O-Rama controllers while simultaneously playing MP3 audio files. The two networks can each run up to a speed of 1000K which allows this director to control up to 480 CTB16PC/LOR160x controllers or 9600 pixels in total, making this director a great match for the pixel based Light-O-Rama Pixie and Cosmic Color devices. In order to use every smart pixel prop prop available in RGBPlus Sequences, you will need at N4-G4-MP3 Director. Learn more by clicking here.

The on-board real-time clock with power-fail back can be used to schedule shows. Six trigger inputs allow shows to be started by external events, usually momentary switches and/or motion detectors. The N2-G4-MP3-DIRECTOR Director is backwards compatible with earlier directors, meaning shows made for those directors can be plugged in with no changes.

This unit is housed in a rugged steel housing with convenient mounting slots on the sides. It can be placed inside your house/garage as is, or placed in an enclosure for outdoor use. This unit performs in temperatures down to -40 degrees.

Multiple directors can be linked to allow virtually limitless output capacity.

A SD card writer is required to move the show from your PC to the SD card. If you do not already have one, you should add the SD Card Reader/Writer to your purchase.


Powering the Director

The Showtime Director will receive its power from the nearest controller in the majority of cases. You must purchase a 12V Wall Power Adapter to provide power to your Director if ANY of the following are true:

  • You would like to connect an external timer instead of using the built in timer on this device
  • Your first network contains nothing except our singing faces and Pixie2 controllers
  • You will not have any controllers connected to Network 1 

To provide auxiliary power to a Director with a Pixie4, Pixie8 or Pixie16, the Pixie must be connected to Net 1 and the jumper must be placed on JP2 of the board to provide power. The jumper is not on the board by default. You do not need to place this jumper if there is an AC Unit that provides power connected to Net 1.