Shipping policy

Processing and Shipping Times - Sales

All orders placed during sales time have delayed shipping due to high volume of orders. Please expect the general processing and shipping times plus 2 to 3 weeks. If you place your order towards the end of a sale period, your order may be delayed 4 to 6 weeks.

Processing and Shipping Times - General

Please note that items in our online store state an estimate processing time, such as (but not limited to):

"Current Processing Time is 1 Business Day" or "Current Processing Time is 1-2 Weeks"

This means that your order will NOT be packed and given to the shipper until that many business days or weeks have passed. If you are given a range (such as 1-2 weeks), expect the item to take the longest amount of time just to be safe.

Please check the item you are ordering carefully. Some popular items may even longer shipping windows depending on the time of year.

If you are ordering multiple items, the item with the LONGEST window determines when we give the item to the shipper. If you order one item that says "Processing Time is 1 Business Day" and another that says "Processing Time is 1-2 weeks," your entire order may not be shipped until two weeks from the purchase dates. We do not ship orders separately unless requested.

Shipping Time Scenarios

If the item states 'Processes in 1 Business Day' here are some examples:

  • You place your order Monday during normal business hours (10A - 4PM), it will be given to the shipper TUESDAY.
  • You place your order Monday AFTER business hours. Your order is considered received when we reopen on Tuesday, and will be given to the shipper on WEDNESDAY.
  • You place your order Friday during business hours. Your package will be given to the shipper MONDAY (weekends are not business days).
  • You place your order anytime between closing time on Friday and Opening time on Monday. Your order is considered received on Monday. It will ship TUESDAY.

Remember: Processing is in addition to any shipping days. Be aware that shipping days are also computed based on business days. These times are based on transit times. When you select two day shipping that means the shipper will have the package in their possession for 2 full days.

For example, you place an order during the Day on Wednesday. We give it to the shipper on Thursday:

  • Overnight: You will receive the item on Friday
  • Two Day: You will receive the item Tuesday. Friday and Monday are the 2 business days.
  • Three Day: You will receive the item Wednesday (Fri,Mon,Tue are the 3 business days).

Overnight Shipping

Business days do NOT include holidays. If you place an order Wednesday after business hours with overnight shipping, and Thursday is a holiday, you will receive the item TUESDAY. Your order is considered received Friday (it was after hours Wednesday, and Thursday was a holiday). The first time we see your order is Friday, and it takes 1 day to pack. We will give the item to the shipper Monday (one business day following your order), and it will be delivered Tuesday (overnight).

We try to bump orders up when we see they are asking for faster than ground shipping, or if there are not a lot of orders to process. For example, If you place an overnight order on Wednesday during business hours, we very well may be able to pack and get that to the shipper the SAME day, and then you would have it Thursday.

During busy times of the year (such as during sales) If the item you order says "1-2 weeks to process" and you select 'Overnight Shipping,' we will send the order with Overnight Shipping AFTER the processing time has passed. For example, this could mean that it will take us 1 week to reach your order in the packing queue, and since we would send with Overnight Shipping once we reached it, you would receive your order 1 week and 1 day after the order was placed.

Shipping Delays and Delivery Claims

While we strive to meet our shipping estimates, note that unforeseen issues may delay your order. This includes manufacturing delays, stock issues, etc. We are busiest during the holiday season which for us runs from October 1st through December 31st. If you are ordering during a sale or using a special promotion code, those have additional shipping restrictions and conditions that supersede part or all of these guidelines.

Note that we are not responsible for delays due to shipper carrier issues, weather, etc. If you have selected and paid for an option with guaranteed delivery (IE, Next Day Air) and the shipper fails to deliver the item when it expected, please let us know. We will inquire with the shipper, and if the shipment qualifies for a refund after your claim is reviewed, we will refund the shipping back to you. We can only submit claims for UPS services that qualify for guaranteed delivery. If you choose a shipping method not listed below, we are not able to submit a claim or refund any portion of shipping costs.


UPS Next Day Air®
UPS Next Day Air Saver®
UPS Next Day Air® Early


UPS Worldwide Express Plus®
UPS Worldwide Express®
UPS Worldwide Express NA1®
UPS Worldwide Express Saver®
UPS Worldwide Saver®
UPS Worldwide Express Freight® Midday
UPS Worldwide Express Freight®


More detailed information can be found on the UPS website ( If the shipment does not qualify under their terms and conditions for a guaranteed service refund, you are responsible for the shipment costs. We do not refund shipping costs for delayed delivery when the carrier is at fault. 

International Shipments

Duties and taxes are not included in orders for international shipments. International customers are responsible for paying the respective fees upon arrival of the order.