Prop Package (No Controller) - 8 Mini Arches

SKU: CPnoctrl-MiniArch8|CoroArch25|12V-MiniArch-Bullet-Black-25-LOR

Prop Package with 8 Mini Arches - 25 Pixel Nodes Each (Controller and extensions not Included). Use this package in your own sequences or with our RGBPlus Sequence Layout.


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Our Prop Packages include the Coro and you need to easily add smart pixel props into to your display. These packages can be connected to an existing network of Gen3 Light-O-Rama Controllers, or used on a separate network within the same show. A Cat5 cable is required to connect this controller to existing controllers in a multi-controller network, or a computer/showtime director if it is the only Unit in the show. The props in this package must be assigned to specific Unit IDs in order to work with our RGBPlus sequences.

S5.6.8 or higher is recommended for easiest use for personal sequence creation; a Pro license level is required to use Pixel Motion Effects. RGBPlus sequence requirements are listed per purchase page.

Included in this Package:

  • 8 Mini Arches - 25 Nodes Each
    • 2' 11.5" long by 1' 8.75" high. Lighted length 35". Nodes at 2.125" spacing.
    • 10mm Black Coro
  • 8 Strands of Black Bullet Pixels - 25 Ct (4" spacing). Two arches should be connected together per Pixie port. LOR style connectors.
    • Dangles not included. The controller you use needs dangles installed.

Not Included:

  • Pixel Extensions
  • Mounting material for home attachment
  • Metal stakes or other ground mounting material

Our Prop Packages (No controller) can be used in a display with custom sequencing as long as the controller's Unit IDs do not conflict with any other Unit ID assignments on the network, and network limits have not been exceeded. If you're looking for a package with the controller included, consider purchasing a CPC Kit (Coro, Pixels, Controller) instead.

Want larger arches? (4x50) Just add a Pixie4 Package with 4 strands of 50 pixels to your cart and build whatever size arch frame best suits your needs. RGBPlus sequences are designed to work with either 8x25 arches (this package) or 4x50 arches (of your own custom size).

Kit Assembly

Pixels are not pre-pushed. Assembly is to be completed by the customer. When viewing the arch from the back, the first pixel should be on the right and the 25th pixel should end on the left. If viewing the prop from the front (no visible wires), the first pixel of each arch should start on the left.

When viewing the display as the audience, the first of the 8 arches should be on the left and the last arch should be on the right.